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Tip top techy treats

Tip top techy treats

Duration: 1 hour
  • Tim Sadler - Tessian
  • David Raine - EveryLife Technologies
  • Ian Napier - Switchee

We’re too good to you guys. Yeah, we always have the best techy guests on our podcast, but we’ve gone above and beyond this time around. All of this week’s guests are metaphorical life savers in one way or another.

 Our first gift comes in the form of Tim Sadler and his company, Tessian. Have you ever sent a private email to the wrong person? Of course you have. These guys are pioneering the generation of email security – you don’t need to worry about it anymore.

From one legend to another, we then welcomed David Raine on to the airwaves. David is from EveryLife Technologies, they are giving the care industry a proper makeover by revolutionizing the way that notes are made for patients who need the most clarity.

Finally, we met somebody who can save you a pretty penny or two. Ian Napier has gone from the TA to the tip top of home tech with Switchee. They have created a Smart Connected Thermostat – designed to help affordable housing providers fight fuel poverty.


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