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Start-ups: dead or alive

Start-ups: dead or alive

Duration: 1 hour
  • Maryam Mazraei - Autopsy
  • Matt Jonns - Ucreate

We, as Producers, didn’t really set-out to do this…but it just so happens that we’ve got a start-up special podcast for you.

Our guests this week have lived through the highs and lows of being a start-up and base their current businesses around those trials and tribulations.

We hope it’s not the case but the first half of the podcast could scare people away from building a business (both guests are big advocates of starting your own business). Maryam Mazraei has compiled a list of failed start-ups through her company Autopsy, rather than being a scare though – it was actually an extremely educational discussion and is a great pointer of the things to avoid when going into business.

Matt Jonns is also used to working with start-ups, but successful ones! He founded Ucreate - A startup studio for non-tech founders who want to build ambitious tech businesses. They have helped over 20 businesses to build and launch so far – and that number is sure to keep rising.

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