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Robots learn how to get arty

Robots learn how to get arty

Duration: 1 hour
  • Bernadine Brocker - Vastari
  • Mostafa El Sayed - Automata Technologies
  • James Gupta - Synap

New Zealand are winning the race for pilotless air taxis with their release this week, but we still think the UK is flying highest in the world of technology. We had three guests this week to help us get off the ground.  

 Even Russ Shaw, from the USA, believes that the British Isles – and London in particular – are the right places to be in this tech revolution. That’s why he created the Tech London Advocates.

To kick us off, we delved into a topic that we haven’t really explored in the past art exhibitions. You may think that art & tech don’t mix – but there’s so much going on behind the glass of the exhibits that you wouldn’t even be aware of. Bernadine Brocker is our tour guide and walks us through the story.

From art on to robots, we spoke to Mostafa El Sayed who builds robots for a living. Imagine that. His Automata Technologies company have developed Eva – an elegant, simple and affordable robot arm built for professionals. It improves productivity on a production line, in a lab or in a classroom.

Let’s end things with a quiz. How cool is the Synap platform? Answer: very cool. Synap makes it easy to create, practice and share multiple choice tests and quizzes – James Gupta talks us through.


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