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Maggie Philbin: Tomorrow's World, Teen Tech & more

Maggie Philbin: Tomorrow's World, Teen Tech & more

Duration: 45 minutes

We’re back…

Sorry guys, we know we’ve had rather a large break (we aren’t that sorry – have you seen the weather this summer?) and we’ll back in regular broadcast soon. However, before we get our routine set in stone, we’ve got a special (very special) interview to tide you over.

For many listeners, the name Maggie Philbin will prompt fond memories of 1980s weeknight TV, when she gave us tantalising glimpses of the future in the long-running BBC programme, Tomorrow’s World. 

Thirty years on, Maggie is on a mission to inspire young people to follow their potential and help to shape the technology of the future. We are now delighted to welcome her to The TechTalk Show studio to share the vision behind her innovative education initiative, TeenTech.

They say that good things come to those who wait…so we hope you enjoy this. Please do share with your friends and family, especially those who would have spent hours sat in front of the TV watching Maggie in action.

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