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Losing expenses, building muscles

Losing expenses, building muscles

Duration: 1 hour
  • Andrea Zitna - Elvie
  • Emma Maslen - SAP Concur

The folk at Facebook have taken a bit of a beating this week – they’ve been a bit naughty and Mark Zuckerberg’s earnings have taken a multi-billion-dollar hit.

While we probably don’t need to set up a JustGiving page for him, the American innovator might be relieved to find that his favourite podcast is back with another episode and is entirety free to stream and download.

Facebook is arguably the pinnacle of Social Media, but our first guest on the show this week is leading the way in FemTech. You may recall our TechTalk 22 feature just before Christmas – our top 22 innovative companies to watch out for in 2018 – and Elvie were extremely highly regarded. Previously a taboo topc, Andrea Zitna explains how her company are tackling an important female health issue with their Kegel trainer. 

We also welcomed Emma Maslen on to the show. Why? We needed to talk about expenses, that’s why. Emma is the Managing Director of SAP Concur – they are a big company who are aiming to tackle the nightmare of the recurring receipts. They’re making it more techy and easier…sign us up!

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