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Keeping Albert safe in the city

Keeping Albert safe in the city

Duration: 1 hour
  • Jillian Kowalchuk - Safe and the City
  • Ivo Weevers - Albert

Feeling hot, hot, hot…the mercury is finally rising and it’s giving us those happy vibes. Don’t bother booking a summer holiday just yet, there’s plenty of quality tech happening here in the UK.

London has a number of different sun traps to discover in beautiful weather like this, but if you’ve followed the news recently you’ll know that it’s not always the safest city.

Our first guest on this week’s show is Jillian Kowalchuk – she has founded the fantastic Safe In The City App. It allows its users to indicate incidents of sexual assault, harassment, stalking and lots of other things. Primarily for women, we discuss how it can be tough for some women to come forward and speak out about their experiences.

We meet a lot of companies on this show who have built amazing tech companies, having started as a one-man band. Somebody fighting their corner is Ivo Weevers, he has created the Albert platform which is saving time against time consuming chores like expenses.

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