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Jumping for joy

Jumping for joy

Duration: 1 hour
  • Oli Barrett - One Million Mentors
  • Pauline Issard - Trackener

Pre-orders for the iPhone X started this week and, as such, it’s rather difficult to type having sold all my arms and legs – at least I still have my eyes to unlock it. Anyway, moving on, we’ve got something for you to enjoy while the orders are shipped. 

Sue Nelson and Steve Griffiths had another hour of informative tech talk to keep them occupied. 

First up, we gained a bit of free mentoring from Oli Barrett. He’s quite a big name in the world of tech and he’s on the advisory board of One Million Mentors – an organisation where potential mentors sign-up to help fledgling businesses.1§ 

Our other guest was talking about a topic which we’re pretty sure is a first for us – horses. There’s neigh chance that we were going to miss this one. Pauline Issard has started the Trackener business which is a bit like a FitBit for our equine friends. You’d better take a listen.

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