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Finding the right fit

Finding the right fit

Duration: 1 hour
  • Tom Adeyoola - Metail
  • Luca Amaduzzi & Grant Dudson - Cycl

When it rains, it pours, and things continue to pour down on Facebook. By contrast, we’ll be basking in the Easter sunshine (hopefully, but probably not) with another great hour of TechTalk. Four days off work…yes please. 

Our first guest on this week’s show introduced a topic which we haven’t really talked about before…clothes. Ever find yourself giving the postie a backache by ordering bag after bag of online shopping?
We don’t blame you, it’s quite tough and none of it ever fits. However, Tom Adeyoola has a solution with Metail. They are using the cleverest tools in tech to make sure that everything fits just right.
Our other guests on the show are on a mission to get the country cycling safer. They already wooed the judges on Dragons Den and now they’ve got our presenters impressed with their winglights. Why do we still use hand signals? Luca Amaduzzi & Grant Dudson pondered the same and went about setting up Cycl.

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