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Buzzing around the London tech scene

Buzzing around the London tech scene

Duration: 1 hour
  • Adi Gaskell
  • Joao Fernandes - BuzzStreets

We were at the TLA 5th birthday event a few weeks ago, hosted by Russ Shaw (who features as presenter in this episode), and we were wowed by the little delivery robots which are disrupting the food industry. Well, it’s happening sooner than expected as it was announced this week that 1,000 of them will be hitting UK streets soon

It wasn’t the only dazzling thing at the event that night and Russ was delighted with how it all went and how London is on its way to becoming the tech capital of the world.

To make that happen, we need our Tech Heroes and thankfully we had a few in the studio. Adi Gaskell is a pretty key one too. Adi has his finger on the pulse for all things technology and writes for all sorts of publications like Forbes, Huffington Post and BBC – in this podcast we talk all about the new technologies that are influencing business. 

Another one of the Heroes is helping us to find our way across London, but with a difference. Yep, Google Maps helps you through the streets but BuzzStreets goes as far as helping you in nightmare locations like shopping centres and sporting arenas. Joao Fernandes tells us where the idea comes from.

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