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Building up and buffering down

Building up and buffering down

Duration: 1 hour
  • Hussain Hilli - Byoot
  • Anthony Impey - Optimity

Word on the street this week is that Apple’s next iPhone won’t even need to be touched – because using your thumb is far too much exercise in 2018... We’re on-board with it all though, as long as it can read your mind and stream TechTalk at all hours of the day.

Rivalling Apple for their innovation is our first guest on this week’s podcast, Hussain Hilli. He’s a bit of a star in the tech world. He has been named in the Forbes 30 under 30 list and has founded Byoot. The company are helping you build your designs from the ground up.

Moving on……………………………………oh, sorry about that. Looks like we’re having some buffering issues. Must be dodgy internet. We’d better call Optimity. Anthony Impey founded the company who are coming to the aid of businesses who are stuck with rubbish speeds, thanks to their solutions in the sky.

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