Taking the biscuit

Crumbs! Apple are on the case of a speck-resistant keyboard

Since the dawn of accessible computing, the keyboard has become two things to its users.

 Firstly, it’s a gateway to a world of knowledge, inspiration and creativity. It’s a means to turn handwritten scrawl into perfectly polished prose and to write the code that could ultimately change the world.

Secondly, it’s a magnet for dirt, dust and errant bits of lunch. We all know the horror of starting a new job and being handed someone else’s secondhand cast-off. It’s always a sobering moment when you realise that your predecessor clearly enjoyed digestive biscuits and something brown and splashy that could be Pot Noodle...?

Many businesses now insist that workers don’t eat at their desks. Some bosses will claim this is all about giving employees a mental and physical break from the demands of their job. However, the tech savvy among us know that it’s really about keeping the chicken salad in the lunch box and not all over the equipment. For the home-based worker, getting grains of Ryvita trapped under the H is simply an occupational hazard.

So, it’s a relief to hear that Apple has filed a patent application for the world’s first crumb-proof keyboard. However, it appears the tech giant hasn’t yet pinned down a design for the innovation; the filing reportedly suggests a number of possible solutions, such as special membranes, brushes and even harnessing the power of key strokes to blow stray specks clear.

Whether even Apple can solve this time-honoured office gripe remains to be seen, but improving efficiency and comfort for computer users has long been a driving force in the technology industry.

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