Time to reveal the TechTalk 22

The judges' selections have been revealed

It’s official – these are the 22 most innovative tech companies in the UK!

In the field of technology, there are new discoveries and advances happening pretty much every day. But who is really pushing the boundaries and shaping the world of tomorrow? Who is creating the tech that will define the way we live, work and communicate in years to come?

That’s what The TechTalk Show wanted to find out. So, earlier this year, the team behind the weekly radio programme set about the task of finding the most innovative, exciting and mould-breaking SMEs in the UK. Next, they invited an expert panel of industry judges on board to help whittle the long list down to just 22 homegrown businesses that truly are top of the techs – and the results are out today…

Every week The TechTalk Show meets British inventors, techies and talents who are breaking new ground in tech. Now, these 22 heroes are being given even greater exposure with guaranteed publication on industry news site TechRadar.com, where their amazing work will be showcased to five million readers in the UK alone.

Each of the 22 companies that made the cut will also be invited to appear on The TechTalk Show, to tell presenter Sue Nelson and her listeners about how and why they’re changing the world.

“The innovation that’s going on in this country is just mind-blowing and we’re always really excited to meet the brilliant – and occasionally slightly bonkers – people behind it,” said Sue, who is also CEO of R&D tax consultancy Breakthrough Funding. “I founded the radio show to help spread the word about these geniuses, so putting together TechTalk 22 seemed like a great way to draw further attention to how these companies are changing our world.

“When our team came to drawing up the long list, the choice of innovators was incredible, so we needed some top industry minds to help us choose the all-important 22. We were lucky to get some fabulous judges involved and we feel that this list represents some of the most important and promising work going on in UK innovation today.”

Joining Sue on the judging panel were robotics expert Rich Walker, MD of the renowned Shadow Robot Company; Holly Brockwell, award-winning tech journalist and founder of Gadgette.com; and Sarah Luxford, founder of Tech London Advocates’ Women in Tech working group.

Looking for creativity, innovation and potential for future development, the judges chose a selection of SMEs that they feel represent the cream of the sector’s crop. YOU CAN SEE THE PUBLISHED LIST IN FULL RIGHT HERE from Monday 13 November.

“With Brexit looming, this country needs all the brainy, creative and ambitious tech talents it can get,” Sue said. “TechTalk 22 illustrates that with the right support from Government, consumers and industry at large, the UK is and can remain at the cutting edge of global technology development.”

You can find out more about The TechTalk Show, listen to new episodes at 1pm every Thursday and catch up past shows at www.techtalkshow.co.uk The podcast is available from iTunes and all major directories.

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