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Unbound Live special

Unbound Live special

Duration: 1 hour
  • Harriet Allner - Starling Bank
  • David Jacobs - Festyvent
  • Georgina Orso - Doppel
  • Simon Freeman - Freestak
  • Jane Lucy - Labrador
  • Catriona Rist - Mallzee

Like dogs being taken on a walk, we love a tech expo to get away from TechTalk HQ for a couple of days. 

In July we were delighted to attend the fantastic Unbound Live event at the Old Truman Brewery in London. The bustling venue showed us the best of UK innovation in tech – we had some great chats too.

On day one, James Sloan was delighted to meet Starling Bank who are revolutionising the way we do banking. He also loves a festival, so the guys at Festyvent were right up his street. Finally, he was able to keep his cool with the help of Doppel’s wearables.

Steve Griffiths was in the hot seat for the next day. Freestak have their finger on the pulse in the sporting world, Labrador are leading us on the way to decent energy deals and Mallzee offer ‘clothes shopping on speed’ according to Steve – you’d better listen to find out more.

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