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Unbound live special part 2

Unbound live special part 2

Duration: 1 hour
  • Andrew Turner - Seldon
  • Landmrk - Tom Nield
  • James Andrews - Felcana
  • Jonny Plein & Ben Corrigan - Pouch
  • Shopest - Sara Derfus
  • Jason Lee - Illumr
  • Clare Mackey - Appointedd

We met so many fantastic companies at the Unbound event a couple of weeks ago that we decided that one special show of interviews wasn’tenough.

Happily, we’re back with more. Steve Griffiths and James Sloan ran through some more of their highlights from the two days – from the ‘Fitbit for pets’ to the ‘Pokemon Go for brands’. Yep, we love a bit of a mixed bag on this show.

In the first half of the show you’ll hear from Seldon, Landmrk, Felcana and Pouch who all spoke with James. Steve then introduced his interesting trio of Shopest, Illumr and Appointedd.

Make sure you listen to the whole show though, as we have a special announcement about an even more special event that is coming to TechTalk soon. You may have seen mention of TechTalk 22 on our website or social media pages, so find out what it’s all about.

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