The TechTalk Show
Tech XLR8 special

Tech XLR8 special

Duration: 1 hour
  • Phil Steele - nCube
  • Presciense - Jonathan Lishawa
  • Joseph Artgole - Zerolight
  • Rob Maunder - Accelercomm
  • Jacob Skinner - Nine Degree Products
  • Tania Peitzker - VelMai

If you’re in the UK amid an unprecedented heatwave, the very last place you want to be is in London – the classic urban heat trap. So, of course, we ended up melting our tech batteries in the capital – all for our listeners’ pleasure!

On this podcast we have a special show , where we caught up with the best innovative companies at the TechXLR8 and AppsWorld expos. Steve Griffiths, Dan Hawkes, James Sloan and Sue Nelson had a fantastic time at Excel.

VelMai, nCube Home, Presciense, Nine Degree Products, Accelercomm and ZeroLight represented the finest tech on offer – we even hopped into a Tesla at one point, so listen out for that one.

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