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No more stranger danger

No more stranger danger

Duration: 1 hour
  • Colleen Wong - Tech Sixty Four
  • Sergey Ogorodnov - Voltaware
  • Andrew Brogden - Stay Private

We’ve had a busy week at TechTalk HQ – as well as being busy at the tech festival Unbound (watch this space for the action), we have still managed to get a cracking show on-air for you. We hope Steve Griffiths and Dan Hawkes aren’t too overworked.

Our first guest was Colleen Wong from Tech Sixty Four. Unfortunately, Steve needed this tech 15-years ago when his daughter was a toddler (showing his age), but the company’s Gator Watch is an absolute must for parents at the moment. The worry of losing your child in a busy public space may be over.

From one handy bit of tech to another that was a massive let down. This week’s Unboxing product was designed to help relaxing, but it left Steve & Dan in a rage instead.

Back to better tech, we welcomed Andrew Brogden on to the show and discussed Stay Private – so we won’t say anymore. Just joking of course – they are helping businesses and individuals get ahead of hackers with their encryption services for emails and private messaging apps.


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