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Lockdown your law practises

Lockdown your law practises

Duration: 1 hour
  • Pam Loch - Loch Law

Star Wars geeks of the world, unite! 

The Last Jedi has been released and it coincides nicely with the release of our TechTalk podcast.

We had a bit of a special discussion all around employment and business law with the brilliant Pam Loch from Loch Law. We talked about everything from bullying in the workplace to the murky waters of social media.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to ask Pam what she would make of the Emperor’s treatment of the Stormtroopers in some of the older films – probably not good. And what about Anakin Skywalker turning his back on Jedi Associates Limited, how would that sit with the law? It’s a missed opportunity for us.

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