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A web developer on a rollercoaster and a 3D postal service game

A web developer on a rollercoaster and a 3D postal service game

Duration: 1 hour
  • Jon Pankhurst - Splat Web Works
  • Andrew Bennison - Unbox

Steve Griffiths and Jeremy Eames host the fourth ever TechTalk show, catching up on this week's tech news Steve and Jeremy look at the launches of both the PS4 Pro and the iPhone 7, pondering whether this latest iPhone is really worth the hefty price tag. Steve reminisces about simpler gaming days and his Sega Megadrive.

Our first guest today is Jon Pankhurst whose photography hobby prompted him to build his own photo sharing website Photo 4 Me a fair few years ago now and having got a lot out of satisfaction from it went on to create Splat Web Works to help other people create their own websites too. Steve probes Jon to get his top tips for optimising your web presence - apparently it's all in the ACT. Jeremy admits that he has a short attention span and agrees that Jon's theory that a faster service is always better.

Sue Nelson meets social media guru Zoe Cairns of ZC Social Media and finds out all about live Twitter TV app Periscope and how it's helping people engage with their audience. Sue thinks it would be a great way to test ides with an audience, and finds out how it compares to Facebook Live. Zoe recommends making your audience feel involved with your broadcasting for maximum success.
Next we have Andrew Bennison of Unbox, a 90s style 3D platform game involving delivering parcels! Andrew remembers his passion for gaming starting around the age of 4 with a Nintendo Game Boy and how it grew into him making his own games. Steve finds out how important the gaming community is to testing the waters when developing new games and concepts. Jeremy is keen to find out what this game developers favourite game is and surprised to find out he doesn't feel like he's played one for ages! Steve admits that he's a "senior gamer" and enjoys reminiscing about gaming in the 90s and Andrew admits that they discovered Unbox has an unexpected fan base.
Finally we have our best unboxing yet, (even if Periscope isn't working), and we test the VR Shinecon - a very affordable virtual reality headset. Check out our Youtube to see a web developer on a VR rollercoaster and find out if we think it rocks or goes back in the box.

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